What type of Textured Coatings are used in Auckland?

In Auckland, various types of textured coatings are used for both residential and commercial applications. These coatings add visual interest and can replicate the appearance of different materials, such as stone or stucco. While we can provide an overview of some common textured coating options, we are unable to provide specific costings as they can vary based on factors such as the project size, chosen material, and local conditions. It’s recommended to consult with our friendly team at Your Plasterers Auckland to obtain accurate cost estimates for your specific project. Here are a few examples of textured coatings used in Auckland:

  1. Acrylic Render: Acrylic render is a popular choice due to its flexibility, durability, and weather resistance. It is typically applied in multiple layers and can be tinted to achieve the desired color. Acrylic render can be smooth or textured, and the cost can vary depending on the quality and thickness of the coating.
  1. Polymer Renders: Polymer renders are similar to acrylic renders but contain additional polymers for improved flexibility, adhesion, and crack resistance. These renders are available in a range of textures and finishes, offering versatility in achieving desired aesthetics.
  1. Stone Cladding Systems: Stone cladding systems involve the application of pre-manufactured stone panels or tiles onto the building’s exterior. These systems can mimic the appearance of natural stone and provide a durable and visually appealing finish. The cost of stone cladding systems can vary depending on the type of stone used and the complexity of the installation.
  1. Textured Paints: Textured paints are another option for achieving a textured finish on surfaces. These paints contain particles or additives that create a textured effect when applied. They are available in various textures and can be applied over existing surfaces. The cost of textured paints varies depending on the brand, quality, and quantity required.

Remember that the cost of textured coatings can also depend on factors such as surface preparation, site access, and additional materials or labor required for the application process. It’s best to consult with our plastering contractors at Your Plasterers Auckland to get accurate cost estimates based on your specific project requirements.