What is the strongest wall plaster?

In New Zealand, the term “wall plaster” typically refers to the interior surface finish applied to walls. The strength of wall plaster depends on the specific type of plaster used, as well as the quality of materials and installation techniques employed. Different brands may offer various types of wall plaster, each with its own advantages and preferred applications. Here are some popular brands known for their wall plaster products in New Zealand:

  1. Resene Construction Systems: Resene Construction Systems offers a range of wall plaster systems, including their Resene Rockcote range. These systems are designed for durability, strength, and aesthetic appeal. Resene Rockcote incorporates a combination of cement, lime, polymers, and other additives to enhance performance and adhesion.
  1. Gib®: Gib® is a well-known brand in New Zealand for interior wall systems. They offer plasterboard, which is a different approach to wall finishes compared to traditional wet plaster. Gib® plasterboard is known for its strength, fire resistance, and ease of installation. It consists of gypsum plaster sandwiched between layers of paper, providing a smooth and durable surface when properly installed.
  1. Winstone Wallboards: Winstone Wallboards is another reputable brand offering plasterboard solutions. Their GIB® Standard plasterboard is commonly used for interior walls. It provides a strong and stable base for paint or wallpaper finishes. Winstone Wallboards also offers specialized plasterboards with enhanced properties, such as impact resistance and sound insulation.
  1. Dulux AcraTex: Dulux AcraTex is known for its exterior wall plaster systems. These systems incorporate acrylic-based coatings and textures designed to protect and beautify exterior surfaces. While primarily used for exterior applications, some of their products can also be suitable for interior wall finishes, providing added strength and weather resistance.

The preference for specific brands may vary depending on factors such as project requirements, desired finishes, and the recommendations of industry professionals. Factors influencing brand preference include product quality, availability, technical support, and reputation in the market. It’s advisable to consult with professionals, such as plasterers or contractors, who can provide guidance based on their experience and knowledge of the local construction industry.

Ultimately, the strength of the wall plaster will depend on the appropriate choice of system or product, correct installation techniques, and adherence to manufacturer guidelines. Reach out to https://yourplasterersauckland.co.nz/ to find out more.