What is the most durable plaster in New Zealand?

In New Zealand, the durability of plaster can be influenced by various factors, including the type of plaster used, the quality of materials, and the application technique. While there isn’t a single plaster that can be universally regarded as the most durable, there are several popular brands known for their durable plaster systems in the New Zealand market. Here are a few examples:

  1. Resene Construction Systems: Resene Construction Systems offers a range of plaster systems known for their durability. Their Resene Rockcote systems are designed to withstand New Zealand’s diverse climate conditions. These systems often incorporate cement, lime, and polymers to enhance strength, flexibility, and weather resistance.
  1. Sto: Sto is a renowned brand that provides high-performance plaster systems. Their StoPoren Panel is a durable exterior cladding system known for its resistance to impact, moisture, and UV radiation. Sto also offers StoRend synthetic renders, which are designed for long-term durability and resistance to cracking and fading.
  1. Rockcote: Rockcote is another well-known brand in New Zealand, offering a range of plastering products. Their systems focus on durability and weather protection. Rockcote products incorporate various additives and reinforcing mesh to enhance strength, flexibility, and resistance to cracking.
  1. Dulux AcraTex: Dulux AcraTex specializes in exterior plaster systems that prioritize durability. Their systems often include acrylic-based coatings and textures designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. These systems offer excellent adhesion, impact resistance, and long-term durability.

The preference for a particular brand and plaster system will depend on various factors, including the specific project requirements, budget, and the advice of industry professionals. It’s important to consult with experienced plasterers such as our team at Your Plasters Auckland, contractors, or architects who can assess the needs of the project and recommend the most suitable plaster system based on their knowledge and expertise.

Remember, the durability of the plaster also depends on proper installation techniques, regular maintenance, and adherence to manufacturer guidelines. Following best practices and using quality materials are crucial for achieving long-lasting and durable plaster finishes.