What is exterior plaster called?

In Auckland, exterior plaster is commonly known as “solid plaster” or “render.” These terms are used to describe the process of applying a cement-based plaster or render system to the exterior surfaces of buildings. While the overall concept of exterior plaster remains the same, there can be variations in the specific methods and finishes used. Here are some examples of how exterior plaster can differ in Auckland:

  1. Textures and Finishes: Solid plastering in Auckland offers a range of texture options for exterior finishes. Examples include:

– Sponge Finish: A sponge is used during the plastering process to create a textured, sponge-like appearance on the surface.

– Bagged Finish: Plaster is applied using a bag or sack, creating a textured finish with a slightly rough appearance.

– Stipple Finish: The surface is stippled with a brush or roller to create a fine, grainy texture.

– Tuscan Finish: A smooth finish with a slightly sandpaper-like texture, achieved by troweling and polishing the plaster.

– Rockcote Finish: Rockcote is a brand of plaster known for its various textured finishes, such as Sandstone, Rustic, or Sandblast.

  1. Colors and Pigments: Solid plaster can be tinted or painted in different colors to achieve the desired aesthetic. Local brands in Auckland, such as Resene Construction Systems, offer a wide range of color options for exterior plaster.
  1. Architectural Styles: Exterior plaster can be customized to suit different architectural styles prevalent in Auckland. For example, in modern or contemporary designs, a smooth and minimalist finish may be preferred, while in heritage or traditional architecture, textured finishes that mimic the look of traditional materials like stone or stucco may be used.
  1. Application Techniques: Different plastering techniques may be employed based on the specific requirements of the project. These techniques can include hand application, machine spraying, or a combination of both. The choice of technique can affect the overall appearance and texture of the finished plaster.

It’s important to consult with our plastering professionals at https://yourplasterersauckland.co.nz/ or construction experts in Auckland for specific guidance on exterior plastering. They can provide advice tailored to your project requirements and assist in selecting the appropriate techniques and finishes to achieve the desired result.