Is plastering a hard trade in Auckland and why?

Plastering, like any other trade, can have its challenges, and the difficulty can vary depending on several factors. Here are some reasons why plastering might be considered challenging in Auckland or any other location:

  1. High demand: Auckland has experienced significant population growth and construction activity in recent years. The demand for skilled tradespeople, including plasterers, has increased accordingly. High demand can lead to a competitive job market and potentially higher expectations from clients or employers.
  1. Variable weather conditions: Auckland’s climate can be characterized by frequent rainfall and humidity. Plastering requires suitable weather conditions for the application and drying of plaster, making it challenging to schedule and complete projects during periods of wet or humid weather.
  1. Modern construction techniques: Auckland, like many other urban areas, has seen a shift towards modern construction methods, including the use of lightweight materials, such as drywall or plasterboard. Working with these materials may require specialized techniques and skills compared to traditional solid plastering, which can pose a challenge for some plasterers.
  1. Quality expectations: Clients in Auckland, as in any developed city, often have high expectations for the quality of workmanship. Plastering requires attention to detail, precision, and an understanding of different surface types and finishes. Meeting and exceeding these quality expectations can be demanding, particularly for less experienced plasterers.
  1. Health and safety considerations: Like any construction-related trade, plastering involves working at heights, handling tools and equipment, and exposure to potentially hazardous materials. Plasterers need to follow proper safety protocols and use appropriate protective equipment to minimize the risk of accidents or health issues.

Despite these challenges, plastering can also be a rewarding trade. Skilled plasterers are in demand, and with the right training, experience, and commitment to quality, they can find opportunities for growth and success in Auckland’s construction industry.