Is gypsum stronger than plaster?

In New Zealand, gypsum-based products are commonly used in the construction industry, including for plastering purposes. Gypsum is a mineral composed of calcium sulfate dihydrate and is known for its versatility and strength. Let’s delve into the products favored by New Zealand’s plastering professionals that utilize gypsum:

  1. GIB® Plasterboard: GIB® plasterboard, manufactured by Winstone Wallboards, is a widely used gypsum-based product in New Zealand. It consists of a gypsum core encased in paper liners. GIB® plasterboard is available in various thicknesses and types, including standard, fire-rated, and moisture-resistant options. Plasterers appreciate GIB® plasterboard for its ease of installation, versatility, and consistent quality. It provides a solid base for applying plaster and is commonly used for interior wall and ceiling surfaces.
  1. FibaFuse®: FibaFuse® is a fiberglass mesh tape used for reinforcing plasterboard joints. It is favored by plastering professionals due to its superior strength, crack resistance, and ease of use. FibaFuse® is made of fiberglass strands woven together, providing excellent dimensional stability and preventing cracking in plasterboard joints. It is typically embedded in joint compound to reinforce the joints and create a seamless finish.
  1. MultiFinish®: MultiFinish® is a gypsum-based finishing plaster manufactured by British Gypsum, commonly used by plastering professionals in New Zealand. It is a versatile product suitable for both hand and machine application. MultiFinish® offers good workability, allowing for a smooth and high-quality finish. It is used for skimming and final coats over plasterboard, providing a durable and aesthetically pleasing surface ready for decoration.
  1. Sheetrock® Brand Plasterboard: Sheetrock® Brand plasterboard, produced by USG Boral, is another gypsum-based product preferred by plasterers. It offers a range of plasterboard options, including fire-rated and soundproof variants. Sheetrock® Brand plasterboard is known for its strength, durability, and ease of installation. It provides a solid substrate for plastering and is suitable for a wide range of residential and commercial applications.

These are just a few examples of gypsum-based products favored by plastering professionals in New Zealand. Gypsum-based materials offer several advantages, including strength, fire resistance, and ease of application. Plasterers value these products for their reliability, consistent performance, and compatibility with various plastering techniques. It’s recommended to consult with local suppliers or plastering professionals to determine the most suitable products based on specific project requirements and local preferences. Feel free to get in contact with to find out more.