How long does solid plaster take to dry?

The drying time of solid plaster can vary depending on various factors such as temperature, humidity, thickness of the plaster, and the specific product used. In general, solid plaster may take several days to weeks to fully dry and cure. However, professional plasterers in New Zealand employ techniques and use certain products to expedite or adjust the drying time based on project requirements. Here are some methods and products commonly used:

  1. Accelerated Drying Additives: Plasterers may utilize additives specifically designed to accelerate the drying process of plaster. These additives, often referred to as drying accelerators or hardeners, are mixed with the plaster mixture before application. They help to promote faster evaporation of moisture and reduce the overall drying time. Accelerated drying additives can be particularly useful in situations where there is a need to speed up the plastering process, such as tight project deadlines.
  1. Airflow and Ventilation: Proper airflow and ventilation are crucial for facilitating the drying of solid plaster. Plasterers ensure that the site or room being plastered has adequate ventilation to allow moisture to evaporate effectively. They may use fans, open windows, or create airflow using specialized drying equipment to enhance the drying process. Increasing air circulation helps to remove moisture from the plaster, expediting the drying time.
  1. Heat and Dehumidification: Plasterers may employ the use of heaters or dehumidifiers to regulate the temperature and humidity levels in the drying area. Warm air promotes faster evaporation, while reducing humidity helps to prevent excessive moisture in the plaster. By controlling the environment, plasterers can adjust the drying time to meet project requirements. However, caution must be exercised to avoid excessive heat, which can lead to cracks or other issues.
  1. Rapid Drying Plaster Products: Certain plaster products are specifically formulated for faster drying times. These products are designed to have accelerated setting and curing properties, allowing for quicker completion of plastering projects. They are often used in situations where time is of the essence or when there is a need to minimize downtime.


Where to find the various products:

1. GIB® Plasterboard:

– Brand: GIB® (Winstone Wallboards)

– Available at: Bunnings Warehouse, Placemakers, ITM, and local building supply stores.

  1. FibaFuse®:

– Brand: FibaFuse® (Saint-Gobain)

– Available at: Bunnings Warehouse, Placemakers, ITM, and specialty plastering supply stores.

  1. MultiFinish®:

– Brand: MultiFinish® (British Gypsum)

– Available at: Placemakers, ITM, Resene Construction Systems, and select plastering supply stores.

  1. Sheetrock® Brand Plasterboard:

– Brand: Sheetrock® (USG Boral)

– Available at: Placemakers, ITM, Bunnings Warehouse, and select building supply stores.

  1. Accelerated Drying Additives:

– Brands: Ezi-Dri®, Quickset®, RapidDry® (Various brands available)

– Available at: Specialty plastering supply stores, online retailers, and some building supply stores.

  1. Heaters and Dehumidifiers:

– Brands: Mitsubishi Electric, DeLonghi, Dimplex, EcoAir, and others.

– Available at: Electrical appliance stores, home improvement stores, and online retailers.


Store locations:

  1. Bunnings Warehouse:

– Locations:

– Westgate – 460 Westgate Drive, Westgate

– Mt Wellington – 10 Wiri Station Road, Mt Wellington

– Albany – 260 Oteha Valley Road, Albany

– Botany – 588 Chapel Road, Botany

– Manukau – Cnr Cavendish Drive & Lambie Drive, Manukau

– Glenfield – 12 Parkway Drive, Glenfield


  1. Placemakers:

– Locations:

– Onehunga – 179 Neilson Street, Onehunga

– Mt Wellington – 20 Sylvia Park Road, Mt Wellington

– Albany – 10-14 Parkhead Place, Albany

– Papakura – 4 Vernon Street, Papakura

– Henderson – 143 Central Park Drive, Henderson

– East Tamaki – 130 Harris Road, East Tamaki


  1. ITM:

– Locations:

– Rosedale – 5D Douglas Alexander Parade, Rosedale

– Onehunga – 6 Henderson Place, Onehunga

– East Tamaki – 9 Ron Driver Place, East Tamaki

– Glen Eden – 2 West Coast Road, Glen Eden

– Otahuhu – 15 Huia Road, Otahuhu

– Westgate – 6 Soljan Drive, Westgate


  1. Resene Construction Systems:

– Locations:

– Mt Wellington – 56 Carbine Road, Mt Wellington

– Albany – 2A William Pickering Drive, Albany

– East Tamaki – 19 Allens Road, East Tamaki


It’s important to note that altering the drying time of solid plaster requires expertise and experience to ensure a successful outcome. Professional plasterers in New Zealand understand the specific requirements of each project and select the appropriate methods and products accordingly. They consider factors such as climate conditions, project timelines, and the desired finish to achieve optimal results. It’s recommended to consult with experienced plastering professionals and follow manufacturer guidelines when using additives or specialized drying techniques. Contact to learn more about these.