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Are Plasterers in High Demand in Auckland?


Plastering services are essential components of both new construction projects and renovations. Over the past few years, Auckland has experienced a surge in demand for plasterers, with the trend expected to continue.

The Driving Factors of Demand

Several factors are driving the demand for plastering services in Auckland. The first is the city’s ongoing housing boom, fuelled by population growth and investment in infrastructure. The demand for housing directly translates into a need for skilled tradespeople, including plasterers.

Exterior Plastering and Seasonal Variations

Exterior plastering is a highly sought-after skill, particularly during Auckland’s warmer months. As the wet and cold winter weather can adversely affect plaster application and drying, there is a significant increase in demand for exterior plasterers in the summer months. Property owners and builders tend to schedule plastering work during this period, resulting in a spike in demand for plastering services.

Interior Plastering and Gib Stopping

Interior plastering services, especially gib stopping, are always in high demand in Auckland. Gib stopping is a crucial part of interior wall finishing, providing a smooth surface for painting or wallpaper. As Auckland’s housing boom continues and more houses are being built, the demand for skilled gib stoppers has increased.

Plaster Repair and Solid Plastering

With Auckland’s abundance of older homes, particularly in suburbs like Ponsonby and Grey Lynn, the demand for plaster repair and solid plastering services is high. These older properties often require significant maintenance and renovation work, contributing to the steady demand for plasterers skilled in restoration work.

Stucco Work and Aesthetic Appeal

Auckland’s residential aesthetic is diverse, with numerous homes boasting a stucco finish. Stucco work is a specialist skill within the plastering trade, contributing to the overall high demand for plasterers in Auckland. A well-executed stucco finish adds a timeless appeal to homes and is increasingly popular in suburbs like Herne Bay and St Mary’s Bay.

The Business Cycle Impact

The business cycle significantly affects the demand for plasterers. In periods of economic expansion, when there is substantial investment in construction and property development, the demand for plastering services increases. Currently, New Zealand is experiencing robust growth in the construction sector, leading to a heightened need for tradespeople, including plasterers.

The Supply of Skilled Plasterers

While the demand for plastering services in Auckland remains high, there is a noticeable shortage of skilled plasterers. This discrepancy has resulted in plastering services being in high demand across the region. For those considering a career in the trades, plastering offers excellent opportunities due to this persistent demand.


To answer the question “Are plasterers in high demand in Auckland?” – Yes, they are. Whether for new builds, renovations, or restoration of character homes, plasterers have an essential role to play in Auckland’s thriving property market. With current trends and the impact of the business cycle, it’s safe to say that plastering skills will continue to be in high demand in the foreseeable future.